Music as Sound and Meaning is a new international peer-reviewed journal established in cooperation with the Network for the Inclusion of Music in Music Studies (NIMiMS).


Music as Sound and Meaning

Description of the journal

Music as Sound and Meaning invites theoretical or empirical work on any style of music that addresses 1. music as sound and/or 2. the meanings of those sounds in culture and society. Articles will be published which:   pfeil

  • integrate the sounds of music into the study of culture and society;
  • bridge gaps between studies of music as sound and studies of music as an element of culture and society;
  • bridge gaps between the practical and the theoretical study of music;
  • reform music theory and musicology in order to better identify the widest possible variety of musical sounds;
  • develop ways for readers without formal musical training to integrate the discussion of music’s sonic materiality into their own thinking and writing about music, culture and society.

In addition to original articles, Music as Sound and Meaning will publish commentaries and observations on academic or practical phenomena, book reviews and conference reports. Music as Sound and Meaning will publish one issue per year with a Table of Contents and running page number for each issue. Articles will be published throughout the year after acceptance by the editor and positive evaluation in peer review.
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The journal does not charge a submission fee.
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