Music as Sound and Meaning

Instructions for authors

The editorial board welcomes original articles, commentaries, reviews and conference reports written in English. Original articles normally should not exceed 9,000 words. Commentaries and observations of academic or practical phenomena to a maximum of 3,000 words may be published after consultation with the editorial board. We also accept book reviews and conference reports of 1,500 words. Contributors must state that they are in the possession of all rights of publication for their paper (text, illustrations, music examples, sound files, etc.).
To submit an article, commentary, review or report, send the documents to  Dr Jan Herbst ,  the editor-in-chief of Music as Sound and Meaning. Include a separate file with the author’s details: name, institutional association, email address, and a short biography of 100 words. If appropriate, include any supplementary material in a compressed folder. Please save the template  [download template]  as a separate document and rename it with an appropriate title. To ensure blind peer review, do not include your name in the filename and delete all personal information in the file properties. Substitute items with your own text, taking care to complete all fields (title and subtitle, titles of sections, text in all sections, including footnotes, acknowledgements, references and discography). Please follow all formatting and layout guidelines exactly. Submissions not meeting these requirements will not be reviewed.
Following an initial screening by the editor, all original research articles will undergo a rigorous double blind peer review process with at least two anonymous referees. Only those papers meeting the scientific and editorial standards of the journal and fitting within the aims and scope of the journal will be considered for review. There are four potential outcomes: 1. acceptance without any changes or with minor revisions, 2. acceptance after major revisions (conditional acceptance), 3. request for revision and resubmission (conditional rejection), 4. rejection. The review process will be kept as short as possible, and an editorial decision should be reached within three months.
Authors whose native language is not English may seek support, which will be provided to a reasonable extent upon acceptance.